45 Powerful and Peaceful Waterbirth Photos

45 Powerful and Peaceful Waterbirth Photos

Many mothers are understandably curious about a natural birth and if they bring it up, a common response they hear is "Why would anyone want to go natural?" The fear of the pain described by so many people has other women feeling afraid for their experience.

Hydrotherapy is the use of water during labor, and water birth refers to delivering in a pool of warm water. It's believed to be a gentle birth experience for the baby, and it can provide excellent pain relief for the patient.

The buoyancy of the water makes you feel lighter and enables you to get into more comfortablepositions for the final stages or keeping you more upright - which gives you the advantage of working with gravity as your baby is born.

Also, a dimmed room and birthing pool may feel more private than a bright labour ward, helping you relax even more.

Regardless of what stage of the birth story you capture, the photos that document water births are powerful and beautiful.

We’ve collected some incredible water birth photos that showcase the peacefulness of water birth, the power of a woman, and the wonder of baby’s first few moments after birth.