Miraculous Freebirth: Husband Caught Baby

This mama Kaylee Wilson had a wild pregnancy and freebirth after a previous caesarean section. Her last pregnancy ended in a caesarean section after her homebirth midwife dropped her because she was past 42 weeks. She was transferred to hospital care and was coerced into an induction which unfortunately ended in a caesarean section.

For this pregnancy, she took control of her outcome and reclaimed her power and birth rights. At 42+1 her waters started to leak. From there she experienced early labour/labour for 6 days and had involuntary pushing for 30ish hours prior to birthing her son.

If you look closely when her little boy is born we can see moulding of bubs head to the side, indicating he was asynclitic. This would be one the reason for the ‘longer’ (not that there’s a normal) labour and early involuntary pushing. When the contraction itself isn’t strong enough to rotate baby, your body will ask for some help with involuntary pushing for more oomph.

This example of birth shows that trust and patience is so needed. In labours like this, a lot of providers and hospitals would’ve stopped this long before baby was ready to be birthed. But we can see that all labours like this just need time for Mum and baby to work together and in the end they will find their way naturally.

This Mum having a freebirth was the most protective thing she could’ve done for herself and her baby. I can guarantee if this wasn’t a freebirth, she would’ve had a repeat caesarean section because of all the variations of normal she experienced..

She had her husband with her the whole time and her 3 daughters, Mother and unregistered midwife present for the birth. She birthed in a field outside their home surrounded by nature.