Pregnancy Week 7 - Two Months Pregnant

The baby doubles its size, the nervous system becomes much more complex and its organ start to develop rapidly. A minor gain in weight is possible and you may begin to notice a slight baby bump.


Changes in Body:

- Your breasts start to grow and become more sensitive.

- A slight increase in your weight is possible (due to an increase in your blood level)

- From now on rapid mood swings are expected.


Your Baby:

- The heart and brain become more complex.

- The baby's arms and leg buds are visible.

- A thin layer of skin forms across its body.


- High blood pressure condition.

- It can cause the blood vessels of the placenta to spasm.

- Reduces oxygen flow to the fetus and puts it at risk.

- The fetal growth rate may be affected.



- Fluid retention of the hands, feet and ankles.

- Protein retention of the hands, feet and ankles.

- Protein in your urine and a sudden gaining of weight.


Bleeding in Early Pregnancy:

- Bleeding or spotting from the vagina is know as a threatened miscarriage.

- Bleed heavily and not miscarry or do harm to the baby.

- All bleeding should be taken seriously.

- Visit your doctor occurs.