How and When to Tell Your Kids You Are Pregnant?

Shauna HicksMD OB/GYN - So when you find out you're pregnant, you may want to involve your young children and let them know that there's a baby growing inside of mom, and help involve them as much as you feel comfortable so that they can start to get ready for the adjustment.


Danielle28 Weeks Pregnant - We have been talking about it obviously in front of our son that we're pregnant, and there's going to be a baby, but we haven't really forced the issue, and I think he's a little bit young to understand what's going on as he's not even two.


Shauna HicksMD OB/GYN - Every toddler's a little bit different, so it's hard to know exactly how to explain to your kids that you're pregnant. But I think starting early and making them a part of the pregnancy will help them be involved, and hopefully help them adjust better once the baby's there.


Leslie30 Weeks Pregnant - So what do you think it's gonna be like when the baby comes? - I feel really excited, and I feel a tiny bit scared.


Fonda MitchellMD OB/GYN - So our goal is to incorporate the entire family. Everybody needs to be a part of this process, so that they are going to be the leader in encouraging and welcoming this newborn into the family.


AmandaSecond Time Mom - We always tried to involve her in everything that we did. It was really important to us to make her a part of every decision, you know, she helped pick out the paint for the baby's room, and build the crib, and pick out the name, and just be a part of it, because she's going to remember this forever.


Kathy WoodMD OB/GYN - There are many books out there about this. I think that as long as you explain to the older siblings in a straightforward and loving way that they are going to be an older sibling, that you're still going to be there for them, and they're going to be able to help take care of this new baby, that all should be well.