Amazing Benefits of Parent-Baby Skin-to-Skin Contact After Birth

Amazing Benefits of Parent-Baby Skin-to-Skin Contact After Birth

Being able to hold your baby on your chest immediately after they are born is one of the most incredible experiences for many mums.  Skin-to-skin contact with your newborn baby is more than just a special embrace. There are plenty of benefits that can carry on later in life for both you and your baby. 

1️⃣ Improved heart rate and breathing - Babies are more stable when being held skin to skin; it helps to regulate their heart rate and breathing pattern.

2️⃣ Regulates blood sugar - Blood sugar is important in helping baby to regulate their temperature, have enough energy to breastfeed, plus so much more!

3️⃣ Stabalizes baby’s temperature - Your body is more effective at keeping your baby warm than a baby warmer!

4️⃣ Encourages breastfeeding - Baby’s have a natural instinct to breastfeed and being on your skin and in close proximity to the breast is so helpful! It also stimulates their digestion and gives them an interest in feeding.

5️⃣ Promotes bonding - Touch is essential for survival. Being skin to skin with baby stimulates hormones to promote bonding with your new baby. It also boosts maternal confidence and helps baby develop a sense of trust and security.

6️⃣ Helps baby transition - Babies have better Neurobehavioral outcomes when held skin to skin!

7️⃣ Reduces crying - A newborns cry can be a “separation distress call.” Most babies stop crying when being held skin to skin with a parent.

8️⃣ Transfers good bacteria - Early exposure helps baby develop a healthy immune system!