Would You Give Up a Seat for a Pregnant Woman?

Pregnant actress Olivia Wilde took to Twitter earlier this week to blast the rude people who she says left her standing on the subway in New York. Wilde tweeted about the experience, but kept her sense of humor.


Would You Give Up a Seat for a Pregnant Woman


Wilde didn't offer any details about where exactly she was traveling, but she lives in Brooklyn and has posted about riding the New York subway before, and other Twitter users have reported Wilde sightings on the system.


An Inside Edition reporter put New Yorkers to the test by seeing if they would give up their seat to a pregnant woman. Ann Mercogliano, who is seven months pregnant, took a ride on the subway system and found a number of people were willing to give up their seats. 


She also stood at the bottom of a stairway to see if anyone would help carry her suitcase up the stairs but many people rushed by. Another test shows Mercogliano hailing cabs and was touched when one woman offered her taxi without hesitation.