What Do I Need for a Homebirth?

What Do I Need for a Homebirth?

Each and every birth is a unique experience that should be treated as such! There are many different options when it comes to choosing where you want to give birth. 

Hospitals, birthing centers, and at home are a few options to consider when planning your birth. Being in a place and having people around that support you is critical for the birthing mama.

One thing you really need when deciding to birth at home, whether assisted or unassisted is confidence and trust in your baby, your body and the birth process.

There are so many things that people like to have at a homebirth, fairy lights, candles, pools etc that make for a fantastic birth. However if you don’t want all of these, then that’s fine! 

What you do need is?

You - nobody’s having a baby without you there, you’re kind of important.

A baby - also an important part of the process.

Towels - mostly to clean up blood, amniotic fluid, other fluids, and to gently dry* (not clean) the baby at some point after birth.

Fluffy blanket - to wrap around you and baby (not in between you and baby) whilst you have skin to skin.

* A baby does not need to be cleaned after birth, however a wet baby can easily turn into a cold baby, so it’s important to make sure they become dry in some way, either by a slight gentle dab with a towel, or being under a blanket with you.

Have you had a home birth? How did it feel?