Weight Gain in Multiple Pregnancy

Most women are particularly concerned with how their pregnancy will impact their body. Gaining weight is a given during pregnancy, and as you might expect, the amount of weight increases in a multiple pregnancy. In a singleton pregnancy, the average woman gains between twenty-five and thirty pounds during her pregnancy. Only a third of that is fat and maternal tissue; the rest is a combination of the baby, placenta, amniotic fluid, and increased blood volume. When you double or triple the number of babies, you can expect the amount to increase proportionately.

The amount of weight that you gain during your multiple pregnancy is dependent on a number of factors. Your pre-pregnancy size is one determinant. If you are overweight before becoming pregnant you'll need to gain less than if you were underweight. Your doctor can advise you as to the optimal amount for your individual situation, but a general guideline is thirty-five to forty-five pounds for twins, up to fifty-five pounds for triplets, and ten additional pounds per baby for higher order multiples.