Ready to Have a Baby: PregPrep Complete Conception

PregPrep Complete Conception is a safe, doctor formulated kit for ALL women ready to have a baby. It contains 2 supplements: VitaPrep, a streamlined preconception vitamin, and FertilPrep, a mucolytic + antioxidant that thins cervical mucus. 1 month supply. 


PregPrep contains an easy to use, one-month supply of 2 supplements: VitaPrep, a streamlined preconception vitamin and FertilPrep, a naturally occurring amino acid, mucolytic + antioxidant that helps sperm reach the egg. PregPrep optimizes a woman’s fertility and enhances conception health during the most important days of her cycle.


Truths About Conception That Can’t Be Ignored

- Sperm can live inside a woman’s uterus for about 72 hours. 

- Conception is largely dependent on this relatively brief window of opportunity. 

- An egg’s lifespan is only 12-24 hours. 

- In order to achieve fertilization, these two time frames need to overlap. 

- It’s best if the sperm awaits the egg, as sperm has a longer life span and needs to get a head start for its long journey.