My Twins Were Born Two Years Apart – I Was In My Mid-50s When I Was Pregnant, But Age Is Just a Number

A 53-YEAR-OLD mum has given birth to twins TWO YEARS apart after miracle treatment. Lan Ma, from Pennsylvania, US, has gave birth to baby Tara on November 19.

The tot was conceived with the help of an egg and sperm donor via IVF on the same day as her two-year-old brother Toby. The project manager has two other children Thomas, 19, and Tyler, 17, but felt it was important to give Toby a biological sibling. Lan said: "I am in good shape and extremely healthy so the pregnancy was perfect. "I didn't have any complications despite my age. "To me, age is just a number. "I am lucky as both frozen embryo transfer worked first time as I look after my body. "I thought I was lucky with Toby as he is a happy boy who never cries and Tara is the exact same. "They look almost identical, they have the same colour hair and their noses are the same." Lan decided to become a single mum by choice in 2018 as her eldest children were growing up and she still had a lot of 'love to give'. Initally, she spent £18,000 [$25,000] on sperm, eggs and medication for the donor followed by £2,640 [$3,500] for frozen embryo and transfer. Tara's embryo was one of nine that was created in June 2018. Lan said: "Thomas and Tyler begged me to have another baby so Toby can grow up with a sibling and best friend. "The embryo was defrosted and I was pregnant via embryo transfer in February 2021. "I had gestastinal diabetes with Toby so I was on insulin from 14 weeks with Tara. "But other than that everything was under control throughout the pregnancy." Lan inisits the pregnancies in her 50s were 'smoother' than the two in her 30s. She adds: "I suffered from terrible morning sickness with Thomas and Tyler. "Whereas this time, I was fine and relaxed throughout. "I think that is why both babies are so chilled and happy. "I have no concerns about being in my 70s when they are in their 20s. "There are no reasons for me to believe I will be frail and weak as I am healthier now than I was in my 30s.'' "I eat well, exercise and meditate daily which has changed my temperament to be always peaceful and calm. "I am fit and healthy with a lot of love to give so having Toby and Tara felt right for me. "They will also always have Thomas and Tyler in their lives, who are thrilled be the proud big brother and sister. "Hopefully when they are in their 20s, they will have multiple nieces and nephews to enjoy. "I work from home so I am able to be with the children at all times.'' Meanwhile, mum-to-be shares the symptoms of pregnancy nobody talks about. Also, a boyfriend gave his girlfriend a pregnancy test as a joke - the baby was born five weeks later. Plus, a woman didn't know she was pregnant until she gave birth 15 minutes later.