Mum Gives Birth to Massive 12lb 6oz Baby Twice The Average Size With No Pain Relief

A NEWBORN “gorgeous, chunky boy” has broken records – and hearts – in Australia after weighing in at 12lb 6oz (5.755kg). Sydney mum Nikki Bell, 28, gave birth to cute Parker James at Blacktown Hospital last Thursday, without any pain relief.

Born at 39 weeks and three days, he is the biggest bub ever seen at the hospital, reports Blacktown Midwifery Group announced Parker’s birth on Facebook, saying: “This gorgeous chunky boy was born on Thursday to one of our mums, Nikki. He weighed in at a record breaking 5.755kg and was a natural birth with no complications. “We are happy to report the not so little Parker and Mum Nikki are doing well. Welcome to the world Parker, you’ll be the talk of Blacktown Maternity for a long time to come!” Parker – who is in perfect health and is at home in Riverstone with big sister Maddison, 20 months – was expected to be a large baby when he hit 7.7lb (3.5kg) at his 24-week growth scan.

Nikki said: “My first baby went until 41 weeks and three days – lucky I didn’t go that far or he would have been 6kg-plus.” He also made a fairly speedy appearance, according to the Mirror, with the labour lasting two-and-a-half hours. Despite his delivery involving no pain relief, a stoic Nikki said: “I’m sure all births hurt, whether it’s 1.7kg or 5.7kg, they all hurt.” The Bell family are hoping that the boy’s size will work to his advantage when older, especially when it comes to playing sport. “Hopefully he will be a bit of a football player, maybe a front rower; that’ll keep his dad happy,” Nikki said.

When Parker’s impressive arrival was posted on the midwifery service's Facebook page, people commented that his size was similar to the weight of their six month old babies. One impressed person posted “holy moly!” and “what an empowering and strong Mumma”. Other women admitted they were “glad it wasn’t them”. The average birthweight of babies in Australia is 7.2lb (3.3kg). Although Parker’s size broke records at Blacktown Hospital, a newborn boy smashed the record for the biggest baby born at a Melbourne hospital when he tipped the scales at a whopping 13.9lb (6.3kg) in February.