Common Sleep Problems in Pregnancy and Their Symptoms

Pregnancy is a charming, exciting period but it also has some difficulties to cope with. Disturbance of sleep is one of them. Based on the studies, %78 percent of women experience sleep disturbances during pregnancy. Below you could find some sleeping disorders and their symptoms.

• Insomnia: It is defined as difficulty in falling asleep and staying asleep. If you suffer from insomnia you probably find it hard to fall asleep and to have a sound sleep. You wake up tired, don’t feel refreshed. Stress and anxiety about birth, baby delivery and after birth care, leaving work for pregnancy, getting back to work are all reasons for insomnia and it results in crucial sleep lost. Back pain,fatigue, movements of the baby may also disturb your sleep.

• Restless legs syndrome (RLS): This syndrome has symptoms such as the unpleasant feeling describes as achy, creepy or tingly feeling in the legs. It gets worse at night, before sleep. Some movement or stretching may help you relieve the pain.

• Sleep apnea: If you have sleep apnea your breathing is interrupted several times in your sleep. Heavy snoring with long pauses and choking during sleep are significant features of sleep apnea.

• Nighttime GERD (Nocturnal gastroesophageal reflux):  Heartburn is a natural part of pregnancy. Heartburn is a condition in which stomach acids leak back to the esophagus. This may damage the esophagus and disrupt your sleep during pregnancy.

• Frequent nighttime urination: Hormonal changes, blood volume changes, the growth of uterus affect the frequency of urination in pregnancy. This may cause you have poor sleep during the night.