Aromatherapy: How To Soothe Anxiety During Pregnancy

Essential oils are extracted from plants, trees and flowers through the stem, petal, roots and body. The oils are rich in nutrients but highly concentrated which means one or two drops is often enough to create a noticeable effect. 


Women have been using them for centuries now - in baths, on their faces, on clothes, as massage oils and for hair (amongst other uses) and are recognised largely for their beautifying/relaxing properties.


For many women, having a baby is one of the most amazing things she’ll ever do and being pregnant is just the start of the whole experience. 


All pregnancies are different – while some women breeze through radiantly in blissful health, others find they are faced with a myriad of discomforts that leave them physically depleted and emotionally drained.


Stress reduction care is important for pregnant women to decrease obstetric complications and children's health problems after birth.


The benefits of using essential oils during pregnancy should not be dismissed or under-estimated, but it is important to use them in moderation and follow established safety guidlines. 


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