8 Hilarious Things All Pregnant Women Do

We have all seen those pregnancy memes, the ones where they so perfectly describe exactly how all pregnant women feel. There are so many amazing and wonderful things to experience during pregnancy, like tiny baby kicks, picking out adorable mini sized clothes and so much more. There are also some downright hilarious moments where only pregnancy can make you act a certain way, check out these 8 things all pregnant women do.

1. Stalk Other Peoples Strollers
Since I’m in the market for a double stroller I find myself stalking women in Target to figure out what brand they have and how great they seem in person. There is only so much you can tell online or from pushing them around Buy Buy Baby for 20 minutes. So if you see me following you around Target, I’m not a freak, I’m just checking out your new wheels.

2. Stare At Other People’s Babies
No we’re not just some creepy lady obsessed with babies, it’s just that seeing your cutie out and about is making us giddy with excitement knowing their is a fresh new bundle of the way for us soon. Plus we are probably already outfit planning and an checking out your babies, I mean, your style.

3. Write Down Or Veto Names
Picking out a baby name doesn’t always come easily, just ask my husband. We are halfway through and still don’t have a name picked out for baby boy. But something I find myself doing all the time is either mentally vetoing a name or taking a quick note. Just remember to keep your all your opinions in your head, even if you think the name Saint is completely ridiculous.

4. Casually Ask About Baby Products
Seeing an awesome teething toy or nursing cover while you are out, and immediately walking up to the mom and asking how she likes it. Somehow when we’re in baby planning mode, we forget that not everyone wants to have a conversation about breastfeeding at length.

5. Eat Outrageous Amounts At One Meal
I love that I can unapologetically eat outrageous amounts of food in public without feeling even a little bit guilty. We are eating for two after all.

Stop, drop and cry. That pretty much sums up this pregnancy for me. To the point I have to apologize to the person who bumped into me and stood on my toe for my totally ridiculous display of tears, sorry about that. I probably made you feel like the biggest jerk in the room. Now, don’t me get me started on getting your wrong order as a restaurant…

7. Pee every 10 Minutes
If you have spent more than a couple of hours with a pregnant women, then you know frequent pee breaks dictate our lives. We don’t make a fun road trip companions.

8. Panic When They Sneeze
Nothing quite brings on a state of panic then an unexpected sneeze. I would say that I have officially mastered the casual leg cross sneeze when in public. Pregnancy win.