3 Signs You're Pregnant With Twins

Pregnant? Congrats! Wondering if you might be carrying more than one baby? Extreme morning sickness and hormones can mean you're expecting multiples. Here are 3 signs you might be pregnant with twins.

1. Hello, Hormones! The hormone hCG in your blood indicates pregnancy... High levels can mean more than one baby.

2. Pregnancy Symptoms Like, Whoa! Exaggerated preggo symptoms (Nausea! Vomiting!) may mean multiple babies.

Not-fun fact: Twin mamas are more likely to experience severe morning sickness.

3. A Super-Sized Bump: A hard-to-hide bump and higher-than-average weight gain early on might mean multiples.

But every pregnancy is different... Until you see two babies on the ultrasound, your body may keep you guessing!