26 Incredible Photos Of Women in Labour

26 Incredible Photos Of Women in Labor

Birth… There’s nothing like it. It’s a once in a lifetime event. Even if you have multiple children, each birth is a unique experience- the start of a brand new human life.

What is it like to be in labor? There is no way to really know until you’re in the middle of it, yet birth photographers are able to pull back the curtain a bit ― capturing an experience that can be surreal in its intensity, but one that happens multiple times every second around the world.

Birth photography comes in many shapes and sizes. Some families prefer minimal photography; others want every moment captured on camera. Birth is intimate and personal. How you choose to give birth to your child and how you want that captured on camera is entirely up to you. 

Here are 34 photos that show how wildly birth experiences can differ ― from the woman who works through contractions at home, to the mom who has a scheduled C-section ― and that pay homage to the fact that no matter how women labor, they truly are strong as hell.