26 Amazing Birth Photos That’ll Have You Reaching for the Tissues

26 Amazing Birth Photos That’ll Have You Reaching for the Tissues

Birth, in all of its raw, ecstatic, wild glory is the most natural thing in the world to behold. An immense privilege to capture some of the most precious, intimate and powerful birth stories.

From the unpredictability of a natural birth to the planned nature of the caesarean, new mothers and fathers prepare for an experience that can never be replicated, and birth photographers helps them capture this special moment.

Birth photos might seem a little weird at first. But if you had a photographer at your wedding, why wouldn't you have a photographer there to document your baby's first moments of life?

A couple reasons you might want pictures of that:

1. To document the first few moments of this amazing new journey you and your partner are on together.
2. To document your strength in labor.
3. To remember. You'd be surprised how much of a trance you'll go into in labor. You may not recollect many moments of your birth and photos will help you process later.
4. To record THAT moment. That first moment you finally hold your baby in your arms.
5. To create family heirlooms that you can pass down for generations. What better way to pass your child's first story down.
6. To look at every year as your child grows and reminisce.

Have you thought about or hired a birth photographer? Why did you want to document these moments? Or if something is holding you back, what scares you about birth photography?

Here are 19 birth photos that truly capture what it’s like to be in the delivery room: