11 Exceptional Pregnancy Tips for First Time Moms

Welcome to the greatest transforming journey of your life! You’re a first-time mom, and you want pregnancy tips. Well, I’ll let you know right now that you will want MORE than just tips. You’ve chosen to educate yourself and search for what you need in order to feel OKAY about all of this. But you need some help along the way.

What You Need To Know
Where to start? What to do, what to read? I feel your pain. When I was pregnant with my first little boy, I had no idea where to go. I had no idea what was most important to know. So now, after having been there three times, I’ve discovered a few things on my own. And I don’t want you to be in the dark as much as I was. So here are my best pregnancy tips for first-time moms to get you going.

1-) You are not alone: You are NOT alone in this! You may have a big support group behind you of your husband, friends, and family, or maybe you don’t. I am here for you and everyone in your same situation is here for you. DON’T forget that.

2-) You make the decisions: You are the ULTIMATE decision maker when it comes to the actions you take right now for carrying your baby, and later for birthing your baby. Start thinking about what you want in your birth plan.

Your support group and your husband may have differing opinions or feel other things are more appropriate for you. You may have a doctor that has strong views as well. Just REMEMBER that you have the strength to do anything you wish with your pregnancy and birth.

3-) Don’t be overwhelmed: Having a natural baby birth isn’t just black and white. There are MANY methods and techniques that you can learn about and start incorporating immediately. I will help you filter through the options available to you. I started with the Bradley Method. 

If you find something that sounds good that you want to try, definitely work on it. But don’t think that using different methods will conflict with each other; many different methods work well together.

4-) Allow your body to change: Your body will be changing in a way that will AMAZE you, or it may frustrate you at the same time. You’re going to be sick, tired, sick of being tired, hungry, hasty, hot and forgetful. Among many other symptoms, know that they will come, but that will ALSO pass. You can help time go a bit faster with some well-deserved pampering along the way.

Our bodies are the most magnificent creation on this earth! We have the gift of being able to create life within ourselves without even needing to consciously take part in it. Everything taking part inside of you is perfectly normal and natural.

5-) You’ll be okay: You WILL get through this. Pregnancy seems to last forever, and the last trimester drags on like a snail crossing the street. But when that baby comes, it will seem to have gone by almost too fast.

What You Need To Do
You may read and learn and soak up every single ounce of information that you can. But it’s no good unless you put things into action.

6-) Take Care of Yourself: No matter what, you and that baby come first. If you have to stop and take a nap, eat something, or just have a relaxing bath, DO IT!

I’ve known gals that would focus too much on other things that could wait, and they’d suffer for it by feeling even worse physically. Don’t let that happen to you. If you need extra help it’s NOT demeaning to ask for it.

7-) Educate Yourself: You will find all the information you need here on mynaturalbabybirth.com. You may be happy with just a little bit of information here and there. Or you may want every drop of info that you can find about all the possibilities. Either way is fine. But it will be VERY difficult to accomplish this task without preparation. I recommend Mama Natural’s birthing course because she does a fantastic job.

8 -) Exercise: The sooner you start exercising, the easier it will be. Your body strength will increase as your belly grows. It will help you sleep easier and feel MUCH better.

Maybe you’re already on top of that—GREAT! Continue doing so. If no, no problem. I have easy pregnancy exercises to get your started.

9-) Take Your Prenatal Vitamins: Everyone seems to be overly concerned about nutrition for you and your baby. But if you’re taking your proper prenatal vitamins (hopefully even before you get pregnant) you don’t have anything to worry about if you’re eating healthy as well. I have always taken Twinlab Prenatals if you’re looking for a new brand.

When you’re feeling sick though and can’t seem to get anything down, or only cereal seems to work for you for awhile, your baby will still be FINE. Your body knows what it’s doing in order to get all the proper nutrients to your child.

10-) Don’t Delay Visiting Your Doctor: Utilize the resources your doctor and provide and be ready with any questions for every appointment. He can find things right away that may be particular to your circumstances that I may not be able to help you with.

11-) Last but not least… DON’T Worry: You’re taking the right steps for your pregnancy and for preparing for your birth. Of course, things are unexpected and we have to expect the unexpected. But fretting over how things will go is wasted energy that will drain from your already limited supply.

I know it’s hard to not get caught up on some details about complications and rare issues that still arise for a few pregnant women. But you and your doctor or midwife are excellent providers of an accomplishable task.

If you do these few tips, your worries will decrease and your confidence will grow as that baby grows with you. Want a complete way to have all your preparation done?